Terminal Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a kind of gynecological disease that seriously does harm to women health. The hazard index of ovarian cancer ranks the third among all the female reproductive cancer types, just after cervical cancer and uterine corpus cancer. Ovarian cancer not only affects female reproductive health, but also harms female’s life. Therefore, the detection and treatment of ovarian cancer are of great importance. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital are going to show you the terminal symptoms of ovarian cancer.

1. Compression symptoms
The growth of tumor may cause compression to the surrounding tissues and nerves, which results in symptoms such as pain in abdomen, lumbar and sciatic nerve, etc. The compression of pelvic veins may result in edema of lower limbs; the compression of bladder may result in frequent and difficult urination, uroschesis; the compression of rectum may result in difficult defecation; the compression of gastrointestinal tract may result in symptoms of digestive tract; the compression of diaphragm may result in dyspnea.

2. Abdominal symptoms
Patients may suffer from symptoms like abdominal distension, mass and ascites because of the quick growth of tumor. Small tumor can be detected via pelvioscopy, and the tumor can be touched as it grows bigger.

3. Other symptoms
Advanced ovarian cancer may result in symptoms like marasmus, severe anima. Pain in abdomen and lumbar may be caused by the rupture, bleeding and infection of ovarian tumor.

Compared with the early ovarian cancer, advanced ovarian cancer grows faster and is easier to metastasize and spread. Once symptoms are found, patients should go to the hospital for examinations consciously. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remain that if got ovarian cancer, patients should actively look for better hospital and treatment, so as to restore to health early.

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